The form is crazy” BBC couldn’t shut up… Rashford, 10G 10 goals’powerful firepower’

This is Marcus Rashford (26), who has recently become a “good luck” for Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United). 안전놀이터

Manchester United played the first leg of the 2022-2023 English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) semifinal against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground in Nottingham, England on the 26th at 5 am (Korean time) and won 3-0.

Manchester United scored the opening goal in the early hours. In the 7th minute of the first half, Rashford, who has recently been showing great firepower, shook Nottingham’s net. After catching the ball from the left flank, he evaded two defenders and entered the box. It was the best to completely strip the defender.

In the 45th minute, United scored an additional goal. Verhost easily beat a defender in the middle of the box and gave the team an extra goal with an accurate shot.

Gearco Man Utd scored his third goal. In the 44th minute of the second half, Fernandez caught the ball that luckily flowed out of the match before the goal and scored a key goal. The match ended with Man United’s victory.

Rashford’s toe popped again. After returning from the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup break, which ended on the 19th of last month, he scored 10 goals in 10 official matches. He scored goals in all but one game. 

Britain’s ‘BBC’ praised Rashford as “one of the best players in England today.” 

Rashford is the top scorer with his 5th goal in this tournament alone.

Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag applauded the day, saying, “Rashford has done his part.”

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