The frustration of the remaining 6 FAs ​​without progress, even the movement to seek overseas expansion… Who, why, reality?

The year has changed, but there is no great progress.

It is still a cold winter for the remaining 6 free agents, the dark shadow cast by the all-time bubble and booming free agent market.

In the new year, movement under the water is detected. But there is rarely a solution. In most cases, they are placed in a boring time fight. As the activity period in February, when spring camp begins, approaches, the pressure on players whose future is unclear is bound to increase.

Time is on the side of the consumer. Clubs that have contracts with them in mind can lower the ransom. It is better to let time pass if you want to catch the original team that is considering staying as well as other clubs that want to sign and trade cheaply.

This is the reason why these free agents are constantly being delayed.

As the situation is like this, the players are also talking about self-rescue.

This is because it is difficult to endure the planned humiliation of waiting for the ransom to be reduced. There is even a story that some players are seeking ‘overseas advancement’. It is one of the alternatives for players whose range of movement has been narrowed due to compensation players. 메이저놀이터

Is this a realistic story? In conclusion, it is just a hopeless hope. There is virtually no way for A or B class FA players to take off the reward player tag through overseas expansion.

It is impossible to take off the label of a compensation player even if you come in after playing not only in domestic leagues but also in overseas leagues where agreements have been made, such as the United States and Japan. The club that signs a new contract must give compensation players according to the grade to the original club.

For the remaining six free agents, the only option is to decide where to go in Korea. In many ways, only helpless times are passing that are not easy for the remaining players.

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