The hit striker who lost his front-line striker to SON almost left? ‘The alternative to live is you!’

Tottenham Hotspur’s scam striker was also a target?

British media outlet Telegraph reported on the 10th, “Al Ittihad selected Richarlison as an alternative after their offer for Mohamed Salah was rejected.”토토사이트

He continued, “Al Ittihad looked for an alternative after Liverpool rejected an offer for Salah with a week left until the transfer deadline, and chose Richarlison.”

He added, “There was not enough time for negotiations, and Al Ittihad’s signing of Richarlison did not proceed.”

The Saudi Arabian league is a popular place for superstars to finish their careers. This is because the standard has improved compared to before and you can earn a handsome salary.

Al Nasr’s signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was the beginning. He enjoyed the superstar effect and drew attention to other players.

Clubs in the Saudi Arabian league are eager to recruit superstars, as if competing, and are building an ultra-luxurious team.

Al Itahad took up the baton. Karim Benzema, former Real Madrid goal scorer, was recruited.

Recently, Neymar joined the ranks of oil money by leaving Paris Saint-Germain and heading to Al Hilal after breaking up with Lee Kang-in.

The Saudi Arabian league’s will to recruit superstars has extended to Salah, the former top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL), along with Son Heung-min in the 2021/22 season.

Al Ittihad is committed to giving Salah the best treatment. There is an atmosphere that a salary similar to that of Ronaldo and Neymar is possible.

Neymar’s annual salary after leaving Paris Saint-Germain for Al Hilal is known to be around 220 billion won.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: “There is nothing to talk about. “It is difficult to comment on media reports,” he began.

He continued, “Salah is a Liverpool player. It is essential to everything we do. there’s nothing. “Even if there is something, the answer will be no,” he said, adding that there will never be a transfer.

Despite Liverpool’s extreme opposition, Al Ittihad did not give up. He headed to London, England to recruit Salah and began persuading him.

Al Ittihad was prepared to offer Liverpool 250 million euros (approximately 357.4 billion won) for Salah’s transfer fee before the transfer market deadline, but the signing was ultimately rejected and the signing fell through.

It has been reported that Al Ittihad has also prepared an alternative plan in case the recruitment of Salah fails. Her target was Richarli Song.

Richarlison left Everton ahead of last season and headed to Tottenham Hotspur for a transfer fee of 90 billion won.

However, he fell below expectations. Richarlison showed his worst performance last season, scoring only one league goal.

Tottenham had high hopes for Richarlison again this season. It was mentioned as an alternative in the situation where Harry Kane left. Expectations were built with good performances in pre-season friendly games.

However, Tottenham suffered from below-expected performance, with Richarlison unable to score in the league since the opening game.

Recently, Richarlison’s position is expected to decrease further as Son Heung-min played as a frontline striker and scored a hat trick.

In a situation where 90 billion won was lost, he could have headed to the Utopian Saudi Arabian League, but ended up staying at Tottenham.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min also received interest from the Saudi Arabian league.

It has been reported that Al Ittihad prepared a four-year contract to recruit Son Heung-min with a transfer fee of 60 million euros (about 94 billion won) and an annual salary of 30 million euros (about 42 billion won).

However, Son Heung-min has no intention of going to Saudi Arabia. He declared his intention to remain in the EPL.

Son Heung-min said, “I’m not ready to go to the Saudi Arabian league yet. EPL is good. He denied the transfer rumors, saying, “There is still a lot of work left to do.”

He continued, “(Ki) Seong-yong once said that his older brother, the national team captain, does not go to China. “It’s better to play in your favorite league than to make money,” he said, leaving behind a famous quote that will remain in the spotlight for a long time.

Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the American sports media ‘CBS’, predicted that the money festivities will continue, saying, “There will no doubt be a few more surprise signings in the Saudi Arabian league.”

He went on to mention, “Son Heung-min, Kevin De Bruyne, and even Mohamed Salah are likely to transfer next year.”

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