The last-place box office team leaving for Las Vegas, what about the anger of the fans “2,000 spectators will become zombies”

 Fans are outraged by the Oakland Athletics’ decision to relocate to Las Vegas. 

American media Yahoo Sports said on the 28th (Korean time), “Auckland has become distant from its fans in the process of trying to receive public funding support from the city of Auckland and elsewhere. A lack of will to win, lack of investment, a worn ballpark, poor stadium sales, ticket price hikes and increased demand for a new stadium are keeping fans at home,” said Auckland.

Oakland, which has been steadily moving to build a new home stadium, recently secured a site for the construction of a new stadium in Las Vegas. “Reports surfaced that Oakland had entered into a binding agreement to purchase land in Las Vegas,” Yahoo Sports reported. In response, Auckland Mayor Sheng Tao issued a statement suspending negotiations with the club to find a site for the construction of Auckland’s new stadium. What will happen between the expiration of the Auckland Coliseum lease and the completion of the new stadium is unknown, but the implications are clear. The Aces (Auckland’s nickname) won’t be staying in Auckland for long,” he explained, explaining that Auckland will be leaving his hometown. 

Oakland is one of the 메이저사이트poorest teams in major leagues. The average attendance this season is 10,671, which is the lowest in the major leagues. Compared to 2019 (20,521 people), before Corona 19, it has decreased by almost half. The team’s payroll is also $59.56 million (approximately 79.9 billion won), which is the last in the major leagues.

In order to overcome this situation, Auckland has long promoted the construction of a new stadium, but due to Auckland City’s passive attitude, it has not made much progress. In the past, Oakland had three teams among the four major American professional sports, including the Oakland Athletics, the Golden State Warriors (NBA), and the Oakland Raiders (NFL), but two teams left Oakland. And now, the last remaining Oakland Athletics have also left their hometown. 

Yahoo Sports introduced the voices of Auckland fans facing a breakup. “The memories will still be there,” said a 36-year-old fan named Andrew Patrick. Going to a random game one day in July won’t change that. Like going out for coffee with a lover who has already broken up, anything that ends is bittersweet.” 

Danny Willis, 40, said: “I hated going to the stadium more. The ticket price is already rising, but I didn’t really want to go because it was getting worse grades than ever.” “I’m glad I left,” said Brooklyn resident John Baker. So I think it will probably be a zombie-like state with only 2,000 spectators in most games.” 

Yahoo Sports said, “Ace is leaving Oakland. Fans feel abandoned. But no one can say that the fans turned their backs first.

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