The secret of K6 Osanhana to maintain the ’26-year foundation’, silent support from veterans in their 60s

There is a team that continues history and tradition for 26 years in the K6 League.

On the 11th, at Anyang Freedom Park, K6 Gyeonggi-do Division D League 2nd Round, Gyeonggi Gwangju-si Oppohana FC and Gyeonggi-do Osan-si Hana FC (hereinafter referred to as Osanhana) held a confrontation. Osanhana scored the opening goal just before the end of the first half and scored 4 goals, leading to a big 5-0 victory.

After the game, coach Kim Seung-yeon, Oh Sahana, said in an interview with the Korea Football Association, “It was difficult from the first half on the level of the game. However, it seems that the solid defense organization and the part that did not fall behind in the midfield fight brought victory in today’s game.”

Osanhana is a historic team that was founded in 1997 and celebrates its 26th anniversary this year. Since its establishment, the club has been operated as a single club without any merger or dissolution, and the members are proud of it. Osanhana has participated since the official launch of the K567 Division League in 2018 and recorded an overwhelming victory in the K7 Osan City Regional League in 2019.

From 2020, the following year, to the present, it has settled in the K6 Gyeonggi Regional League and is challenging K5 promotion. Prior to the launch of the division system, there were competitions for chess competitions and association shogi먹튀검증 competitions. It is a traditional house that has recorded the most championships in the Osan area, such as the Osan League and the Osan Integrated League.

Especially in 2011, it drew attention by winning the runner-up in the Gyeonggi-do Sarang League. In general, Osanhana, which comes out as a time table or military table, enjoyed the honor of being the first single club to win a prize in this competition.

There is a reason that Osanhana maintains its ‘root’ for a long time. Unlike other teams currently participating in the division league, we created a steering committee to promote stable management and development of the team.

Osanhana’s founding member, Chairman Kim Sang-kwon, and previous executives voluntarily joined and are active in the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is the head of the team that provides material and mental support for all competitions and events held by Osanhana, and provides a lot of help to the team.

Manager Kim Seung-yeon said, “Our team has players of various ages, from 20s to 60s. Among them, the older advisors hold the center well, and the team atmosphere seems to be good thanks to the constant efforts for the team’s survival, and there are also people who play together due to father-son relationships, and every game the player’s family Thanks to the many people who came and cheered, a more harmonious atmosphere was created.”

Regarding future goals, he pledged, “Of course, winning the remaining league matches is important, but the goal is to play football that all players on the team can enjoy by maintaining the current good team atmosphere rather than the immediate results.”

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