The worst ending neither Tottenham nor Dyer wanted…’Munich reverse offer’ meaningless

The odds of Eric Dier moving to Bayern Munich or Dortmund continue to decline.

It was on the 29th (hereinafter Korean time) that Dyer was suddenly connected with the best clubs in Germany. Reporter Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’, who is well versed in Munich news, said on his personal SNS, “Dyer has made a reverse offer to Munich over the past few days. Dier can play as a center back and defensive midfielder, so I recruited him internally. The possibility was discussed. The Munich board is still discussing it,” the report said.토토사이트

There was also news that Dortmund was also considering signing Dyer. “There is a bit of a tug-of-war going on in Germany right now about Dyer. All we have is that he wants to stay at Tottenham. He is looking for other options and is very good for Germany “There are two options. One is to play with Harry Kane in Munich. Dortmund are working very hard to sign him.”

Dyer is of English nationality, but has a unique history of playing football in Portugal. Dyer grew up at Sporting Lisbon and made his first team debut. When an English national player showed potential at Sporting, a prestigious Portuguese club, Premier League (EPL) clubs took an interest. Tottenham succeeded in embracing Dyer at a bargain price of 5 million euros (approximately 7.2 billion won).

Dyer quickly became an important player at Tottenham. He began to develop as a top midfielder in the EPL under the guidance of coach Mauricio Pochettino. At the beginning of his Tottenham career, he played the role of a defensive midfielder who protects the Tottenham defense in midfield based on his vigorous activity.

He helped players like Christian Eriksen, Dele Alli, and Son Heung-min concentrate on attacking to their heart’s content in front. Dyer did a great job in this role. At one time, Manchester United tried to sign Dyer as a successor to Michael Carrick.

However, after wasting a lot of time due to injury in the 2018-19 season, Dyer’s performance gradually began to decline. As his mobility declined, he was no longer able to play as a midfielder. Diara, who could also serve as a center back, solidified his position as a defender. After the arrival of manager Jose Mourinho, he was fully established as a centre-back.

As a center back, Dier had the advantage of being good at building up and commanding the defensive line, but he also had a lot of weaknesses. As the physical ability deteriorated early, the defense was very lacking. The speed was also slow, and the defensive range was very narrow. The signing of Christian Romero in the 2021-22 season covered Dier’s shortcomings, but when Tottenham’s defense began to falter, Dier’s shortcomings became very prominent.

Dyer could not survive under Enze Postecoglu’s management. If the defensive line is raised high, Dier’s disadvantage is that it will inevitably have an adverse effect on the team. Coach Postecoglu judged that Dier could not be used as a starting pitcher, and actively requested the club to recruit him as a center back. The player who started playing instead of Dyer is Mickey van de Penn, who was recently recruited.

Dyer became the culprit behind the come-from-behind defeat with the worst defense even against Barcelona, ​​which coach Postecoglu practically gave him the last chance. Since then, Dyer has been unable to play as a Tottenham player. He is in the midst of tasting the humiliation of being excluded from the list.

Originally, Dyer was going to fight for a starting spot. “I’m going to be at Tottenham,” he said pre-season. “I’m 29 years old. I sincerely believe that the best days are ahead. I had my heyday,” he said, expressing his intention to remain.

However, after Postecoglu failed to place him on the substitute list in the last three games, he sought a transfer. This is because Dyer wants to compete at Euro 2024, which opens next year. In response, he reverse-offered himself to Munich.

Munich briefly considered signing Dyer, but it was not a priority at all. Reporter Plettenberg said on his personal SNS on the 30th, “Munich has set João Palinha as a new target. Munich coach Thomas Tuchel wants him. Munich is in talks with Fulham-player side.” He said that he had decided to focus on recruiting Nya. He added, “Dyer is still being considered, but he is not Tuchel’s first choice.”

It was the same with Dortmund. Reporter Plettenberg said: “Armel Bela-Kocchav has reached a verbal agreement with Dortmund. He now wants to join Dortmund. A deal has not yet been agreed, but Dortmund and Southampton are discussing the details. We are focusing on recruiting Chalova,” said Bo.

Bela-Kocchaf is a player who joined Southampton ahead of the 2022-23 season. Southampton was relegated to the second division, but Bella-Kochaf is evaluated as showing enough potential for growth. Dortmund seem to want a young and promising player rather than Dyer.

It seems that the club that desperately wants Dyer is gradually hardening into Tottenham retention. Tottenham also do not want Dyer to remain. It is moving as this summer is virtually the last chance to receive player transfer fees, but it is becoming very difficult at the moment.

If the release of Dyer does not go well, it is very likely that there will be no additional center back recruitment. Tottenham are also experiencing difficulties in the sale process of Japhet Tanganga and Davinson Sanchez, so they are unable to make the signings coach Postecoglu wants.

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