They are ranked 5th in the world…Why Kim Hye-jeong and Jung Na-eun have to compete in the national badminton competition

“Kim Hye-jeong and Jung Na-eun are not so lucky. I was ranked 9th in the world when the guidelines for the national team selection match were finalized. If you’re in the top 8, you’re exempt from selection… . It’s number 5 in the world right now.”

This is what Kim Joong-soo, vice president of the Korea Badminton Association, recently said. He regretted the situation of having to participate in the national team selection match even though he was in the top ranks in the world.

The 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games (September 23-October 8) and other national badminton selections will be held at Dangjin Indoor Gymnasium in Chungcheongnam-do for 7 days from the 23rd to the 29th. It is the first match to be held amid the reorganization of the national team’s coaching staff under the general manager Kim Hak-gyun (51) last November, drawing more attention.

Kim Hye-jung (24, Samsung Life Insurance) – Jeong Na-eun (22, Hwasun-gun Office) won a valuable bronze medal in the women’s doubles at the ‘2022 World Badminton Federation (BWF) World Tour Finals’, the King of Kings match that ended in Bangkok, Thailand on the 11th. She was the only Korean athlete to be in the medal table.

In the case of doubles, in accordance with the rules of the Korea Badminton Association, where players in the world’s top 8 are automatically selected for the national team without having to compete, in women’s doubles, Kim So-young (30, Incheon International Airport), Gong Hee-yong (26, Jeonbuk Bank), Shin Seung-chan (28 Incheon International Airport), Lee So-hee (28, Incheon International Airport), and Chae Yoo-jeong (27, Incheon International Airport) will wear the Taegeuk mark again. In men’s doubles, Seo Seung-jae (25, Armed Forces Sports Corps) is the only one.

The reference point for world rankings was on September 6th, the date of announcement of the preliminary round. At the time, Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong were ranked 6th in the world in mixed doubles. Kim So-young-Gong Hee-yong and Shin Seung-chan-Lee So-hee were in the world’s top 5 in women’s doubles, and are currently ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively. 토토사이트
In the singles, the world’s 16th place is automatically selected, but Ahn Se-young (20, Samsung Life Insurance), who has risen to the world’s second place in the women’s singles, will remain as a national representative even if he does not compete. 24 players, including Kim Ga-eun (24, Samsung Life Insurance) and Shim Yu-jin (23, Incheon International Airport), will start the selection.

In the men’s singles, 24 players, including Jeon Hyeok-jin (27, Yonex), Heo Kwang-hee (27, Samsung Life Insurance), and Kim Dong-hun (29, Miryang City Hall), will be selected for the automatic selection.

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