This is the big leaguer’s Hosobi!

Major League Baseball’s San Diego’s Kim Ha-sung and Pittsburgh’s Bae Ji-hwan played an active role as great infield defense.

Cincinnati’s Nick Senzel hit the ball well!

It is sucked into the glove of San Diego Kim Ha-sung.

It was a strong hit that made my hands tingle, but it couldn’t penetrate the defense of Kim Ha-seong, who played as a third baseman, a hot corner.

Pittsburgh second baseman Bae Ji-hwan also jumped on the hit ball.

And the throw to first base is perfect.

The pitcher on the mound was also impressed by the fantastic defense that evoked admiration.

Perhaps inspired크크크벳 by this, opposing team Tampa Bay’s shortstop Wander Franco catches a ground ball and tries to relax.

Still, plenty out!

Fans also applauded the big leaguer-like Hosobi fever.

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