‘Three-point shot was silent, but… ‘ Kang Isul 2G double-double in a row, the command tower is also satisfied

The synergistic effect of Park Ji-soo’s return, and Kang I-seul’s two-game double-double in a row. KB Stars, which is aiming for a mid-level jump, has gained momentum.

Cheongju KB Stars, led by coach Kim Wan-soo, won 62-55 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league home game against Incheon Shinhan Bank held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 19th. 5th place KB Stars sprinted for the first two consecutive wins and chased 4th place Shinhan Bank by 3 games.

The second and first home game after returning. Park Ji-soo played 18 minutes and 25 seconds with 19 points and 7 rebounds. He showed a quicker-than-expected increase in performance, not only attacking using height but also making mid-range shots.

Director Kim Wan-soo also said, “I didn’t expect this much, but it was definitely (Park) Ji-soo. He didn’t spend a lot of time, but he scored every important moment.” Regarding Park Ji-soo’s playing time, “15 minutes is not the standard, but depending on the situation, you can run more or less. He added that it could be a difference of 15 to 5 minutes or less.”

However, allowing 9 3-point shots was a part that needed to be supplemented. Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “I tried to reduce Sonia Kim’s score, but it went well until the first half (2 points). He asked to minimize the number of 3-point shots, but there were parts that didn’t work. They gave us a chance to attack again, but it seems to be an element we need to improve. Yang Ji-soo filled the defensive part well. It was a difficult game, but I look forward to more in the future.” 토토사이트

Shooter Kang Isul played an active role with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists even though all 5 3-pointers missed the rim. Coach Kim Wan-soo said of Kang I-seul, “There are days when the shot goes in and there are days when it doesn’t. From my point of view, it seemed that the shot was thrown a little hastily. When I didn’t enter, the key is which part to fill in, but I raised the score by breaking through. He also got a lot of rebounds. 2 double-doubles in a row. I think that alone has done its part.”