Tottenham’s head-on refutation of lack of investment “I invested enough. Top in the EPL”

 Tottenham Hotspur refuted the lack of investment.

The British BBC reported on the 4th (Korean time) that ‘Tottenham’s board has rejected the Club Supporters’ Trust’s claim that it did not invest enough in the team’.

The Tottenham Club 슬롯사이트 Supporters’ Trust sent a letter to the board last month highlighting concerns in several areas. One of them was the lack of investment.

However, the Tottenham board said in response to the trust’s question, ‘The club has invested heavily in the squad. We spent over 200 million pounds last summer alone, and we are at the top of the Premier League.”

“It is important for us to deal with the facts. The level of our spending shows that we have fully supported the Tottenham football team.

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