Were you aware of the ‘remote command controversy’? Director Klinsmann changed schedule and returned to Korea

Are you facing the controversy head on?

The Korea Football Association announced on the 13th, “Coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59) is scheduled to return to Korea with the national team A on September 14th.” According to the association, Director Klinsmann even conducts interviews at the airport.토토사이트

He changed his position. Coach Klinsmann originally planned to stay in Europe and inspect the European team. He traveled to Germany where he was scheduled to watch the German Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Leverkusen on the 16th. This is a game in which Kim Min-jae is likely to participate. However, the schedule was changed within one day. The association said, “We initially planned to watch the Munich game in person, visit European clubs, meet with officials, and conduct local analysis with European coaches ahead of the A-match in October,” adding, “However, we will first check the K-League players before announcing the list in October.” “The schedule was changed at today’s coaches’ meeting to start,” he explained.

It appears that they were conscious of the deteriorating domestic public opinion. Director Klinsmann was criticized for his frequent outings and for breaking his promise to stay in the country. It was also pointed out that he does not watch the professional soccer K League. While living in the United States, where his home is located, he became the center of controversy for his excessive outside activities.

He achieved his first win in six games against Saudi Arabia on the 13th and chose to return home, but it is expected that it will be difficult to regain his trust. It has already caused so much controversy that fans have turned their backs on it.

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