“When to throw away”… Birthmother who appears after 54 years and wants to receive 300 million won

The birth mother who abandoned her child appeared after 54 years먹튀검증.

He stands to take the compensation money for his deceased son.

In 2021, Mr. Kim Jong-an, who died in a storm while riding a fishing boat off the coast of Geoje, later received a compensation of about 300 million won in front of Mr. Kim.

The mother in her 80s who appeared after hearing this news is claiming to take the compensation according to the inheritance regulations of the civil law.

In response, Mr. Kim’s older sister vomited in anger, saying, “Can you say that the person who abandoned her child when she was a baby and remarried, never contacted her, and then showed up after 54 years to collect compensation when her child died?”

At the same time, she appealed to the National Assembly to quickly pass the so-called ‘Goo Hara Act’, which prohibits parents from inheriting property if they do not fulfill their parenting duties.

Several laws related to this ‘Goo Hara Act’ have already been brought up in the National Assembly, but they are still pending without proper discussion due to political disputes between the ruling and opposition parties.

It is said that the birth mother filed a lawsuit with the Kim family who opposed inheriting the inheritance and won the first trial in December last year.

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