Who doubted beginner Lee Seung-yeop… 9 consecutive wins in the first year of coaching, standing shoulder to shoulder with Yashin

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who had no leadership experience, took the job in his first year in office. It was not enough to lift last year’s 9th-place team to 3rd place, so they stood shoulder to shoulder with former coach Kim “Yasin” Seong-geun, the godfather of the coaching world, by winning 9 consecutive victories.체스카지노

Doosan won again. Doosan won 4-1 in the 8th game of the season against SSG held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 12th, and succeeded in winning 9 consecutive wins in 1853 days since the match against Daejeon Hanwha on June 15, 2018, when Kim Tae-hyung was coach. It is a stable 3rd place (42 wins, 1 draw, 36 losses), 3 games ahead of NC and Lotte in 4th place, and the ride with 2nd place SSG has also been narrowed to 4 games. Due to Doosan’s unstoppable rise, the 2023 KBO League 2nd round system is gradually cracking.

Doosan, which suffered the humiliation of ninth place for the first time in its founding last year, chose Lee Seung-yeop, the “national hitter,” as the right person to renovate the team. It was true that at the time of his appointment, concerns were greater than expected. This is because Lee Seung-yeop, who had a career that no one could match during his active career, including the career home run record (467), had no on-field leadership experience after retiring in 2017. He continued to contribute to the development of baseball by serving as a commentator, KBO public relations ambassador, and chairman of the Baseball Scholarship Foundation, but this was a separate area from leaders such as managers and coaches.

Coach Lee, who became a professional coach for the first time, faced the harsh reality of injury after season opening. The new family, Dylan Pyle, suffered an elbow injury following the head, and operated the starting rotation without a single foreign pitcher for nearly three months. I even appealed Thanks to the growth of the rookies who received hard training in the spring camp, they succeeded in holding on to a 50% win rate in April and May, but ended up with a record of 10-14 in June, and the first crisis after taking office came.

Coach Lee used the Ulsan-Pohang six-game series in early July as an opportunity to rebound. Despite the poor environment, the 2nd field expedition continued, starting with the Ulsan Lotte 3-game winning series, Pohang Samsung and Jamsil Kiwoom 3 consecutive games, followed by 4 wins, 1 draw and 11 losses last year, SSG struggled again this year with 1 win and 6 losses. and won a thrilling come-from-behind victory. It was the moment when they achieved 9 consecutive victories in 5 years.

The most notable thing during the 9-game winning streak is the mound. With the addition of Brandon Waddell, who replaced Dylan Pyle, the starting lineup finally found stability, and for the bullpen, Jeong Cheol-won, who had been tired for a while, and Kim Myung-shin’s transition to Pilseung-joo worked as a godsend. Doosan recorded an average ERA (1.76) in the league for the only time in the league during this period.

Other ships showed off formidable firepower, regardless of you or me. Starting with Yang Eui-ji with a batting average of 4.58 during the 9th consecutive win, Jang Seung-hyeon (30.608), Su-bin Jeong (3.601), Kim Jae-ho (3.55), and Lohas (3.33) Lee) and Kang Seung-ho (3016) led the team to second place in batting average (20909). Also, on the 7th, ‘Park Se-hyeok Compensation Player’ Park Joon-young, who was first registered, won the title at once with a batting average of 4.01, 7.1, 1 home run and 5 RBIs in 4 games.

With the win against SSG on the 12th, Lee tied the record for the most consecutive wins in a debut season as a Bears manager. Kim Yeong-deok (OB, May 22, 1982, Citizen Samsung Match – June 12, Daejeon MBC Match), Kim Seong-geun (OB, April 17, 1984, Daejeon Sammi Match – April 28, 1984 Gudeok Lotte Match) It was a moment when I stood shoulder to shoulder with him.

At that time, coach Kim Young-deok went through coaching at Hanil Bank, Jangchung High School, and Bukil High School and took the OB baton. This is why coach Lee’s 9 consecutive victories, who became the first coach at Doosan, shines even more.

Coach Lee said, “The balance between offense and defense is getting right. Until June, the game continued to be frustrating for both the team and the viewers, but the coaches did not give up and the players did not feel intimidated. “If it doesn’t work today, tomorrow, if it doesn’t work the day after tomorrow,” it seems that the results of the preparations are coming out now. We were able to continue our winning streak because the entire team was united.”

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