Why did a Chinese woman who complained of a sore throat after eating ‘maratang’ die 10 minutes after being hospitalized?

A woman who complained of throat pain after eating maratang died 10 minutes after being hospitalized.

A woman who ate maratang at a local maratang shop in China died after visiting a hospital complaining of breathing difficulties and throat pain, according to a report by Chinese media outlet Sina.com on March 27메이저사이트 (local time).

Ms. A, a 26-year-old Chinese woman, began to feel a sore throat after eating at a marathon restaurant for her friend’s birthday. The pain became increasingly severe, and by the next day, she was having trouble breathing.

She took the next day off work and went to the doctor, but by then she could barely stand up.

He was admitted and examined, but soon collapsed, unable to breathe. Medical staff administered first aid, but he was already dead. According to medical staff, he died just 10 minutes after being admitted to the hospital for treatment.

According to reports, Mr. Lee had a history of acute epiglottitis. A bacterial infection of the larynx, which is located at the entrance to the airway, causing inflammation and swelling, acute laryngitis is accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty breathing, pain when eating, high fever, and wheezing when breathing.

If you develop symptoms from acute laryngotracheitis, you should visit an ENT or emergency room within four to five hours to prevent worsening, such as airway obstruction.

Medical staff believe Mr. A ate spicy marathon and then drank a cold drink, which caused inflammation and swelling, the outlet reported.

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