Will Mallorca’s ‘King’ meet the famous Man Utd’s ‘Gyereuk’?… ‘A. at the villa’

The passion for Mallorca’s ‘King’ Lee Kang-in continues.

Lee Kang-in received global attention by scoring multiple goals in his last match against Getafe. Worldwide acclaim메이저사이트 erupted. In a situation where transfers are certain in the coming summer transfer market, love calls from English Premier League (EPL) clubs are continuing.

The most active team among them is Aston Villa. Recently, many local media reported that Aston Villa was willing to pay a buyout of 18 million euros (26.2 billion won) to sign Lee Kang-in.

There is another star who is likely to move to Aston Villa. He is a famous defender too. That’s Manchester United’s Harry Maguire.

Maguire is called Manchester United’s ‘Gyereuk’ this season. He failed to reverse the sluggish trend. He was treated as out of power. Because of this, there were constant transfer rumors. Last winter, there were rumors of a transfer to Aston Villa, but he remained at Manchester United. However, it seems that the transfer will not be avoided in the coming summer. The most powerful team among them is Aston Villa. He missed last winter, but so far Aston Villa are desperate for Maguire.

In particular, he made a fatal mistake against Sevilla in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League (UEL) and was pointed out as the culprit of Manchester United’s 0-3 complete defeat. The patience of Manchester United and its fans has reached its limit.

Football commentator Stan Collymore told England’s ‘CaughtOffside’, “I think the criticism directed at Maguire is sometimes unfair. But I think Maguire has to leave Old Trafford at the end of this season for his own sake. I can see the limit. “The best team for him is Aston Villa. They will be matched in nature. If I could, I would drive my car from Manchester to the Midlands.”

If things go as expected by the local media, Mallorca’s ‘King’ and Manchester United’s ‘Gyereuk’ can meet at Aston Villa. Lee Kang-in seeks a new leap forward at Aston Villa, and Maguire seeks restoration of honor. The sight of the two players playing on the same team is an interesting scene for soccer fans.

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