Will the golf gold medalist ‘buddy with his eyes closed’?

It is a representative lament that is uttered in a self-deprecating tone when a golfer ruins a shot, but swinging with eyes closed was difficult even for the world’s top-ranked golfers. Zander Shopley (29, USA), a gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics and a holder of 7 wins on the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, took on the par 3 challenge blindfolded and tasted the bitter taste. 토토사이트

The challenge was revealed through the YouTube channel of Highland Software, a sponsor of Shopley. In this video, Shopley took on the challenge in two parts. In his first challenge, he hit it literally in the dark, without any help or information. It was impossible to play golf in the dark even for the world’s Olympic gold medalist. The first shot went off course and the next two shots both went to the bunker. After a series of shot misses and putting mistakes, he holed out with 9 strokes and sextuple bogey.

In his second challenge, he ended up getting help from his caddy and his father and swing coach, Stefan. After hearing the distance to the pin, Chopley’s tee shot passed the hole and stopped 2m away from the pin. He knew he hit the shot well with the shouts of his caddy and Stephen, but Shopley complained, “It’s so frustrating because I can’t see anything.”

Even on the green, Shopley made a putt in one go and caught a birdie. “Under normal circumstances, I can’t listen to other people’s judgments about whether I’m aiming correctly or if my clubface alignment is correct,” said Shopley about the perfect result with the help of attention. I think I hit better than when I opened my eyes because I was able to get objective information about alignment.”

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