Will the ‘housekeeper’ lose his job… The identity of a robot worth more than 26 million won 

Is that magazine on the side of the Teslabot a battery cell?”

A new video of the humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ released by Tesla at the annual shareholders’ meeting held at the Gigafactory in Texas스포츠토토, USA on the 16th (local time) is a hot topic.

This is the third time Tesla has unveiled the Optimus. Elon Musk Tesla CEO ( CEO ) introduced it for the first time at ‘ AI Day (Artificial Intelligence Day)’ last September . At the time, Musk said, “We plan to mass-produce within 3 to 5 years at a price of 20,000 dollars (about 26.7 million won).” Following this, Tesla released a video of Optimus at the ‘Investor Day’ event in March.

A new video of the humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ released by Tesla on the 16th (local time). Like a human, he picks up things with his hands and puts them in a box next to him. /Photo = Tesla YouTube

In the video released this time, a total of five Optimus appear. He showed the action of walking in and out of the factory casually, picking up objects with his hands and putting them into boxes. It’s a much more natural look than last year’s first public appearance, when I barely walked on stage. Design-wise, it has become much sleeker. The cables connected to the ceiling and the robot also disappeared.

The robots Tesla unveiled last year came in two forms. One was the platform of the Teslabot, and all parts such as internal circuits and wires were visible. I could walk and move my arms. Another was the Optimus prototype, which at the time was an immobile model. It is the same product as the Teslabot, which was first introduced in Korea at the ‘2023 Seoul Mobility Show’ in March. It looks like in the video, but this prototype succeeded in walking in 8 months.

The Teslabot platform ‘ Bumble-Cee ‘, which Tesla unveiled for the first time at the ‘AI Day’ event held in September last year. /Photo = Tesla YouTube

A Tesla employee was also shown training Optimus artificial intelligence ( AI ). Musk revealed that Optimus’ AI uses the same system as Tesla’s self-driving software, FSD . Tesla’s self-driving system is a ‘heavily vision-based approach’ that relies on cameras and artificial intelligence ( AI ) . It is a method of learning the driving data of drivers to AI . The magazine-shaped cell attached to the inside of the newly unveiled Teslabot body also attracted attention. This is the space known to contain the battery pack. Tesla fans are assuming that this is a ‘4680 battery’ cell, a next-generation battery. The 4680 battery is being mass-produced by Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Energy Solutions. Last year, Tesla explained that it was developing a small battery pack with a capacity of 2.3kWh in the Optimus so that it could be active all day on a single charge. This is 4% of the electric vehicle model 3 standard battery capacity (60kWh).

A new video of the humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ released by Tesla on the 16th (local time). Five Optimus are walking in front of a Tesla Cybertruck scheduled for release at the end of the year. /Photo = Tesla YouTube

On this day, Musk predicted, “In the future, robots like Optimus will sell 10 to 20 billion units.” “I am convinced that most of Tesla’s long-term value will come from robots,” he said. On the 17th, he cheered on his Twitter, saying, “The Optimus team is doing great.”

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