Yang Hee-young, Kim Hyo-joo, Choi Hye-jin, Kim A-rim, major queen visibility… 3R Top 10

Yang Hee-young, Kim Hyo-joo, Choi Hye-jin and Kim A-rim were able to aim for the championship by finishing the third round of the Chevron Championship, the first major tournament this year on the LPGA Tour, in the top 10.

In the third round of the tournament held at The Club Carlton Woods (par 72) in Woodlands, Texas, on the 23rd (Korean time), Yang reduced 7 strokes and tied for second place with a median total of 9 under par.

Yang Hee-young committed one bogey on her day, but caught 8 of her birdies, raising her ranking from a tie for 25th to 2nd.

The prize money for winning this tournament is $765,000, which is about 1 billion won.

Yang Hee-young is aiming for her 5th LPGA championship. Heeyoung Yang, who made her LPGA debut in 2008, achieved her first win at the LPGA KEB-Hana Bank Championship in 2013 and later won the Honda LPGA Thailand in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

She has yet to win a major championship. She has placed in the top 10 several times, including second place at the 2012 US Open, but she has not won a championship.

In an interview with the LPGA Tour after the match, Yang Hee-young explained, “I feel that the shot feels good whenever the score is low like today.”

He said, “When it comes to major competitions, it is very difficult unlike other competitions.”

In addition to Yang Hee-young, three Korean players are aiming for the championship by entering the top 10.

Hyo-joo Kim and Hye-jin Choi, including A-lim Kim, who was the leader the day before, tied for 6th with an 8-under par.

Choi Hye-jin looked back온라인카지노 after the match, saying, “Today was a satisfactory day overall.”

Choi Hye-jin said, “I don’t think the majors are easy, but I think I got the feeling that I did better in the majors. That’s why I became more confident and wanted to do better in the tournament.” “Rather than being nervous, I think I can do well tomorrow. I need worry and tension, and thanks to that, I think I get good results in matches. I think I just have to believe and enjoy it.”

If the Korean player lifts the trophy this time, he will become the seventh Korean player to win the Chevron Championship. In addition, as a Korean player, he will become the 20th major champion. The total number of major championships won by Korean players is 36.

At the end of the third round, the co-leaders were Alison Kofuz (USA) and Angel Inn (USA) who hit 10 under par.

Kopuz is a second-year player who debuted last year. If he wins this time, it will be his first win in 30 appearances on the LPGA Tour. Angel India, who debuted in 2017, has yet to win. If you win, you will achieve your first win after 147 appearances. In addition, they become the eighth players to win their first career victory through a major tournament.

Ji Eun-hee is tied for 13th with a 5-under par, and Ko Jin-young and Jeon In-ji are tied for 18th with a 3-under par. Choi Woon-jung is tied for 36th with an even par.

Jeon In-ji recorded a hole-in-one on the 17th hole, which required a donation of 1 million dollars. Accordingly, the tournament sponsor, Chevron, will donate $1 million to the Houston Area Youth Golf Development Fund.

Jeon In-ji recorded her first hole-in-one on the LPGA Tour. Jeon In-ji has made five hole-in-ones, and this is her sixth.

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