“You dare threaten my life?” Wrath of GSW Green

I said a story that threatened my life.” did.

It was the worst day for Golden State. Not only was it a complete loss, but there was also anger against the referee, as Stephen Curry and coach Steve Kerr both received technical fouls for protesting the decision during the game.

Here, anger reached the extreme when he heard inappropriate words from fans in the middle of the match.

With 5 minutes and 19 seconds remaining in the third quarter of the game, Draymond Green heard something from the spectators in the stands and responded, pointing his finger at him and becoming angry. After that, he approached the referee and started to appeal something.

The referee accepted and the fan was ejected by security. Green’s interview after the game received more attention than usual, as it was not possible to determine what kind of altercation between Green and the fans was through the broadcast.

In an official interview, Green explained the situation, “He said something that threatened my life. I was on the verge of confronting him. But I just decided to endure it and told the referee. And the referee kicked him out.”

“It just happened, and I had to react. Our players are also human after all. When such emotional situations come, there comes a moment when we naturally react. It is true that we have to learn from mistakes and learn from them, but we just In the situation, a reaction came out by itself,” he pointed out. 스포츠토토

Cases in which fans are expelled have often existed. About a year ago, there was a case where an Indiana fan was kicked out for insulting the son of LeBron James (Lakers).

Players are equally emotional people. This is the reason why people keep pointing out that they should be treated as individuals.

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