“You look just like a Disney princess”… The identity of the part-timer girl at the cafe that is causing a stir in Korea

The real life of a cafe part-timer who drew attention with the appearance of a princess from a Disney animation has been revealed and is a hot topic.

Recently, a YouTube channel, Esquire Korea, uploaded an interview video of a blonde haired woman who received attention from around the world for looking like a Disney princess.

According to the video, the main character’s name is Jena Rene, and she is active as a TikTokker.

When a video of Jenna working part-time at a drive-thru cafe was released, it drew attention from netizens in the United States as well as around the world.

In a video interview that lasted 5 minutes and 15 seconds, she introduced herself as a TikTokker living in the United States. Now she is doing her interviews from her own home in Arizona, she said.

Jenna said, “I only went to college for one semester메이저사이트, but I’m majoring in film.

To the question, “The house seems dark,” he replied, “I did it because the lighting on my face seemed to look better.”

When asked if she really worked at a cafe, she explained that Jenna “really worked at a cafe,” and that she “worked at a cafe drive-thru for three years and filmed her at the end of her workday.”

When someone of the opposite sex asks for his phone number, he asked me how to naturally decline. .

When asked if she knew that the TikTok video was a hot topic in Korea, she said, “I only found out after a few days,” and “I couldn’t believe it. She translated and read all the comments. I was so happy and excited to think that I had many new friends from other countries.”

At the same time, she said that it was meaningful that she had followers in Korea, Japan, and Turkey.

She explained that he doesn’t know about Korea yet, and he seems to be starting to know little by little now because there are a lot of people around him who send him K-pop videos. She also added that she has seen a lot of Black Pink videos so far.

When he’s off, he likes going shopping with friends and going to karaoke, she said.

His favorite Disney princess was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

As of the 14th, this video is recording 710,000 views.

Netizens showed various reactions such as “It’s a smile that makes you smile” “How can a person keep smiling like that” “She looks like a princess in a fairy tale”

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