YouTubers in their 20s who called out “sister” during a live broadcast…and then assaulted her with a fork

A video of a female YouTuber swinging a fork at the face of her co-broadcaster during a live broadcast is making waves online.

On May 5, several online communities shared a post showing a recent assault between female YouTubers on a nighttime street in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

According to the post, YouTuber A approaches her colleague B with a fork in her hand. Ms. B turned around when Ms. A called her “sister”안전놀이터.

Mr. A lunges forward and swings the fork at Mr. B’s face.

After receiving a cut near his temple, Mr. B fell to the ground bleeding, and Mr. A kicked Mr. B in the head three times. Mr. A also pulled Mr. B’s hair despite the protests of other YouTubers nearby.

The assault was captured live on the cameras of Mr. A, Mr. B, and other YouTubers in the vicinity.

Afterward, Mr. A was reportedly arrested by the police. According to the Wonmi Police Station in Bucheon, Mr. A stated that he was “in a bad mood while broadcasting in the same area as (Mr. B)”.

A police official said, “We arrested Mr. A as a suspected criminal and sent him home,” adding, “We will call him back later to investigate the exact circumstances.”

Meanwhile, viewers of the video were horrified, saying, “The perpetrator recorded himself committing the crime, and he could be charged with special injury for swinging a fork at his face.”

The victim, Mr. B, posted a photo of the wound to his YouTube channel community, announcing that he would “get healed and get back on (the air).”

“You’re lucky your eyes weren’t gouged out,” she wrote, “I’m sure you’ll have a scar on your face, please don’t look the other way and punish him strongly.”

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