‘Yun Bitgaram Derby’ The expected Jeju-Suwon FC match ended without a goal

The match between Jeju United and Suwon FC, which drew attention as Yoon Bitgaram (33, Suwon FC)’s opening match, ended without a goal.

The first round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’, where Jeju and Suwon FC faced off at 2:00 pm on the 26th at Jeju World Cup Stadium, was also called ‘Yun Bitgaram Derby’. It was Yun Bit-garam, wearing the away team uniform from the opening game at the stadium that was the home until last season. There were also 8,362 paying spectators, reflecting expectations for the Yun Bitgaram Derby. 

Yoon Bit-garam played for Jeju last season, but moved to Suwon FC this winter. It was Yoon Bit-garam, who was rumored to have a discord with Jeju coach Nam Ki-il last season and leave without permission.스포츠토토

At the K-League 1 Media Day ahead of the opening, Bitgaram Yun admitted to a feud with manager Nam and became a hot topic. First, coach Nam apologized for Yun Bit-garam, saying, “It was a pity that I couldn’t have a lot of conversations. As a coach, I learned a lot.” 

Then, Bitgaram Yoon said, “We didn’t agree with each other in the few communications. Last year was difficult and I was hurt a lot. It was the first time in my professional career.” I’m sorry,” he said, admitting the disagreement. 

In particular, Yoon Bit-garam complained of regret, saying, “There is something that many fans misunderstand.

Jeju and Suwon FC met before the opening. Yoon Bit-garam stood in midfield with Park Joo-ho. But he didn’t do much.

Yoon Bit-garam worked full-time on this day. He attempted a variety of attacks in midfield and took charge of free kicks and corner kicks. However, he failed to show impressive scenes. Former teammates, who now became the opposing team, were actively on the mark, and it seemed that they were not yet in sync with their current teammates. 

The match ended with a 0-0 draw, with Jeju and Suwon FC sharing one point each. As the goal was not scored, expectations for the ‘Bitgaram Yoon Derby’ were postponed to the next.

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